Fire and floods have destroyed or made inaccessible many of the trails in our area. Read LPNF Alerts & Notices and SB County Road closure information.
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San Ysidro Trail

This trail is no longer accessible due to recent fires and floods. The trail may be completely gone or it may only be inaccessible due to road closures.

San Ysidro Trail

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For:Uphill, long if you go all the way to the top, exposed to sun
Miner's Lettuce
Miner's Lettuce

San Ysidro Trail begins in Montecito. The usual destination is a waterfall about 2 miles from the trailhead, making the hike relatively easy (remember, Santa Barbara is all mountains, so relatively easy usually does not mean there are no hills.) This waterfall can be quite impressive after a strong rain, and very tranquil in the drier months. Continue past the waterfall out of the shade and into the chaparral and the hike becomes quite strenuous in its relentless climb to East Camino Cielo Rd. at the summit, a 9 mile round trip. An excellent workout.

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Hiked to the waterfall today; it's flowing nicely! There were some pools on the way up that looked nice for swimming. The trail is easy to follow due to lots of wooden signs that look like they've been installed relatively recently.
Posted by: Sky  on  2017-03-19
San Ysidro waterfall isn't flowing much right now. Tangerine Falls is probably not flowing much either. 7 Falls isn't really a waterfall. It's more like some little pools that teens and 20-somethings like to go hang out at. If you want a hot spring you should do the Hot Spring trail. I don't have it listed here because for years it was private property. It's not private property anymore. You can get to Hot Springs by hiking the Cold Spring trail and then a little beyond the power lines there is a large sign on your right and a trail going down to your right. Follow that and you'll find the hot springs at the bottom. If there aren't any pools at the first warm creek you come to, there are more pools beyond the bamboo and behind the old ruins a little beyond.
Posted by: Diane  on  2013-04-28
I am new to SB but I love to hike. I really want to do 7 falls or the San Ysidro trail first as I have never seen a waterfall or a hot spring and think it would be awesome. I know it needs to rain a lot before the waterfall is flowing but has anyone been there recently? I want to go on Sunday April 28th.
Posted by: meganeveritt  on  2013-04-25
Hiked up about 0.5 miles past the waterfall on the San Ysidro trail on Saturday 2013/1/11. Trail is in good condition. Creek is flowing, but the falls were barely more than trickling. Poison oak on the first section of trail to the falls.
Posted by: greg.bok  on  2013-01-15
Hiked the San Ysidro trail yesterday (1-9-11) and San Ysidro creek was raging compared to my previous visit in October. San Ysidro Falls was also flowing quite well, but not as much as the main stream. Lots of ferns and annual plants sprouting up everywhere - it's getting nice and green out there! A large boulder that has fallen from a cliff is blocking the way about halfway up the trail, but it's easy to climb over.
Posted by: CentralCoastJoe  on  2011-01-10
Great hike to San Ysidro trail and waterfall lots of water, creek is really flowing.Trail nice and dry :D
Posted by: sbdolphin62  on  2011-01-09