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Santa Barbara Hikes

Hurricane Deck Description

Hurricane Deck

Parts (not all) of this hike are shown on these two maps: West Manzana, and East Manzana.

For a detailed description of the hike, decide if you will begin from Lost Valley Trail or Potrero Trail. Select the descriptions for both those hikes for the first and third section of this hike.

For the middle section, the Hurricane Deck Trail, here is the description:

At White Ledge, at the junction with Lost Valley Trail and Hurricane Deck, turn right.

The Trail heads westward and uphill.

Eventually it drops behind the hill, with views looking toward the Sierra Madre.

The trail traverses the length of Hurricane Deck (well, not the entire length. Just the length between Lost Valley and Portrero Trails.)

The trail is not level. It sometimes traverses along the crest, sometime on the south side and sometimes it drops into the shady side to the north. Overgrown brush tears at your skin and clothing relentlessly.

The junction with Potrero Trail can be found past a steep descent over shards of rock that clink like china dishes. There is an old sign at this junction.

Turn left at the junction. You will know you are going the right way if you are heading toward the Manzana River again, in a southerly direction.

The best way to do this hike is with someone who has done it before, or with a topographic map. It is easy to get lost in some sections as the trail is not maintained.

Total mileage: the debate has been is it a mere 18? or is it 24? It feels like 24. A measurement will be taken and the mileage posted after May 13.