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Manzana Schoolhouse

Manzana Schoolhouse and Dabney Cabin

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For:Long, lots of creek crossings, level.
Manzana Schoolhouse
Manzana Schoolhouse

Manzana Schoolhouse is an old schoolhouse last used around 1901 when there was a community of religious people living in the area. They once farmed along the Sisquoc River but several years of drought caused them to sell their land to the US Forest Service. The schoolhouse has been abandoned since then and ruins of their old homesteads can be found along the Sisquoc River. Dabney Cabin is an old hunting lodge from near the turn of the century and is a county historical landmark. The Manzana Schoolhouse makes a nice backpacking destination. There is a primitive campground there with picnic tables and a privy.

The trail is strenuous only because it is long and involves many river crossings that will get your feet wet. But the trail itself is quite level.

You hike in the San Rafael Wilderness area where the terrain is remote and wild. The vegetation is sparse, but in the creekbed it is riparian and relatively lush and cool. In spring there are many wildflowers.

It is 14 miles round trip to Dabney Cabin.

It is 17 miles round trip to the schoolhouse.

You will need an Adventure Pass Pass to park at the trailhead.

Boulder, CO Leave No Trace Frountcountry program