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White Ledge Loop

White Ledge Loop

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For:Rugged, remote. Not appropriate for a day hike. Some portions lack sufficient water.
White Ledge cliffs
White Ledge cliffs just before
the descent to Happy Hunting Ground

Nira -> Manzana Trail -> White Ledge -> Hurricane Deck East -> Lost Valley Trail -> Nira (25 miles) and therefore very very strenuous!

The name White Ledge Loop is from D.Gagnon book Exploring the Santa Barbara Backcountry, 1981

If you love real backcountry hiking and want to see some very beautiful country, this is a great hike. As a day hike it is very long--25 miles in overgrown, mountainous terraine for a total of at least 12+ hours of hiking for someone in great condition. Best as a 2 night backpack.

You WILL most-likely get lost. You WILL need to bring LOTS and LOTS of water. A gallon would be good, or three liters with a filter pump and stop at all the places with water available. And avoid in the hottest part of summer. To make a dayhike start early at 5 or 5.30 am. If you camp on Hurricane Deck, you will need to haul water and do NOT build a fire.

You will need an Adventure Pass Pass to park at the trailhead.

Boulder, CO Leave No Trace Frountcountry program

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NIRA -> Lost Valley -> East Hurricane Deck -> White Ledge Camp (overnight) -> Manzana Trail -> NIRA: Lost Valley Trail is in beautiful condition apart from a couple washouts that were easy to navigate. The East Deck had some brief pockets of thick chamise, but the tread was never really in doubt, and some remote sections were surprisingly wide and manicured. Water was abundant at all camps along the way, including White Ledge and Happy Hunting Ground. Gorgeous springtime hiking.
Posted by: CJDGO  on  2016-03-15
We hiked the West Hurricane Loop this past weekend. Due to our large group size, we got a late start Saturday morning at 11AM from Potrero trailhead. The weather was misty and drizzly, which worked out well because we were climbing a lot of elevation. There was some water in the first mile or so, but then nothing. The trails were almost always clear and easy to follow. At the intersection of Potrero and Hurricane, there is no sign, except a metal post. The Deck itself was gorgeous and provided expansive views in both directions. There weren't really any locations to camp on the Deck for large groups. The trail down to Manzana and the mighty Sisquoc was more overgrown but still easy to follow. Upon descending the Deck, we set up camp for the night. The next day was much sunnier, and we were glad that we were doing the easy portion of the trail. A couple of miles after passing the schoolhouse, the river was following with nice cool water. Saw nice hummingbirds, butterflies, horned lizard, numerous wildflowers, and lovely natural sights. Great hike!
Posted by: weiwei  on  2015-04-27
Sunday walked White Ledge Loop with proto-Dr Horton. 0700 start; 1630 finish. Right after the rain on Saturday, so lots of water everywhere: all the way up past Manzana Narrows, in the pools on the White Ledge tableland, stream flowing all the way down from Happy Hunting Ground to White Ledge Camp and beyond. Glorious. Lost Valley Trail spring has been cleaned up by some thoughtful person and there is even a small sulfurous spring down below that. Trail is in great shape, with excellent new work done along the easternmost section of Hurricane Deck and along sections of Lost Valley. Nice work!
Posted by: brhacker  on  2015-02-09
Sunday walked White Ledge Loop with proto-Dr Stearns. 0700 start; 1630 finish. Pretty dry out there; the manzanita along the Deck look desperately unhappy. Pools at Manzana Narrows and the Lost Valley Trail spring. Trail is in great shape from Nira through the Narrows to Happy Hunting Ground; Hurricane section slightly overgrown in a few sections, but not bad. One rattlesnake dance in Lost Valley. Good-looking pair of loppers at trailside between Happy Hunting Ground and White Ledge Camp.
Posted by: brhacker  on  2013-09-30
Pleasant amble from Nira to Big Cone Spruce Camp and back (9 AM - 4 PM). Trail is in very good shape the entire way. Beyond the White Ledge junction there are a few downed trees and a lot of (optional) poison oak; at least the lower third of the trail above BCS Camp toward McKinley looks great. Moderate number of bear prints on trail. Water at Manzana, Narrows and BCS Camps.
Posted by: brhacker  on  2013-09-23
7-9 june 2013. this weekend i did the nira-to-white ledge roundtrip backpacking trek with a friend. both manzana camp and manzana narrows camp had plenty of flowing water and ample pools. water was present elsewhere along manzana creek between nira and the narrows area, but only sporadically and some of it was not flowing. the creek is still flowing at nira, but at very low volume. trails are in excellent condition.
Posted by: boots  on  2013-06-10